Important Things to Think About Before Filing for Divorce

Divorce is not something we plan for but with nearly fifty percent (50%) of all marriages ending in divorce it is something that just about everyone will need to face at some point in their life. If you have children one of the key concerns is what will happen with the custody of your children if/when you file for divorce. Custody is not always cut and dry so it would be prudent to find a lawyer that specializes in child custody Weymouth. Since not all family law attorneys are created equal it would be in your best interest to carefully screen them in detail before you schedule an appointment. If you are trying to keep your spouse unaware of this research you should conduct it at work or some neutral area where they do not have access to your online activities.

Screening Questions to Pose to a Prospective Divorce Lawyer

There are some essential questions you will need to pose when trying to identify a suitable divorce lawyer.

  • Do you only work on divorce files? You will come across attorneys that work in multiple legal faculties at the same time. It wold be smart to only deal with lawyers that work exclusively on divorce proceedings so they are up to date on the latest divorce laws.
  • How many divorce cases has the lawyer worked on? While some attorneys mention how many years they have been practicing law a more important metric to focus on would be the number of cases they have dealt with. The more cases they worked on the more experience they will have and when dealing with divorce there is no substitute for experience.

When you have finished addressing these questions you should be able to identify the divorce lawyer best suited for your situation. While this is not an easy decision to make you will have all the facts to make an informed decision.